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This is Molina

"As a chef, I find myself constantly inspired by the wonders of different parts of the world, particularly Asia. The flavours and experiences I've encountered during my travels have left a lasting impression on me each time, it feels like hitting the culinary jackpot.
Now, in Molina, I have the privilege of blending my avant-garde approach to European fine dining with the extraordinary array of local ingredients found in Asia.
This opportunity is the realisation of a lifelong dream and I'm excited to share this journey with you."


With the bustling Kuala Lumpur skyline as its backdrop, the restaurant sets the tone of fine dining and service combined with the vibrant energy of the city that surrounds us.

Sidney Schutte

Drawing inspiration from the seaside of his youth, he has a deep-rooted passion for cooking, particularly with seafood and vegetables. His expertise is further enriched by his French culinary training. Sidney aims to bring you a taste of the sea alongside the bounty of the land, carefully curating a menu that is distinct and memorable.


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